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Under U.S. law, there is a legal doctrine called the "Restatement of Torts" which means that when you are the victim of another's negligence, you have certain rights to be "made whole" or at least back in the condition you were before the loss - no better, but no worse. But what does that mean for you? You have a right to make a claim after an Automotive Accident in an attempt to return yourself and your possessions to pre-loss condition.

You can make claims of (1) diminished value, (2) loss of use, or (3) loss of discount/premium increase, and while they are not guaranteed, these claims are generally easy to establish or prove. We strongly suggest you seek a consultation and the advice of competent legal counsel in your area for more information.

The "Loss of Discount/Premium Increase" claim is restitution you can request if your insurance company does raise your rates after you were in an automotive accident that you did not cause. It is not uncommon practice to raise rates if you are the party at fault for an automotive collision, and you should reference your policy information to know what options you have.

As of January 1, 2017 Clackamas Auto Body has established an hourly labor rate for bodywork in addition to parts costs of $52. This covers the cost and labor associated with the technicians working on your vehicle. Labor rates in our shop are determined by the labor time involved in the repair procedure and the competitive hourly rate of our store for the technician's work. Our rate is additionally determined by the experience and quality of our technicians.

Our Labor rates include every task necessary to the repair of your vehicle: this includes but is not limited to tear down and inspection, surface preparation, and post repair care. This labor rate is multiplied by the necessary hours to complete the repair and added to the parts/paint cost to create your final estimate.

Oregon State Law protects you after an automotive accident. While your Insurance Company may recommend shops they know or often do business with, they cannot require your vehicle to be repaired at any one facility, nor can they withhold coverage for not choosing the shop they recommend. You may have your vehicle repaired at any facility you trust and the Insurance Company must honor it the same as the facility they suggested to you.

All of the local towing companies know about Clackamas Auto Body and you can easily have your vehicle towed directly to our shop to speed up the repair process. Give us a call and notice about the drop-off so we can help you as quickly as possible.

Rental Cars are not always covered by Insurance Companies. This depends entirely upon your Insurance Policy. If you were not at fault, your rental car may be covered by the policy of responsible party. Check with your Insurance Agent before making rental car arrangements. If you need a low-cost rental option, let us know and we can help you make arrangements.

Clackamas Auto Body will directly contact and address any necessary supplements when repairing your vehicle. These supplements are any additional damage that is accident-related that we discover during the course of repair. We bill your Insurance Company directly for these repairs.

Yes, we install and warranty OEM Recommended Automotive Parts. We do not use aftermarket, used, or refurbished parts unless requested or furnished by the customer. We do not guarantee or warranty in any way customer provided parts and parts that are not OEM recommended.

Our lifetime warranty on all Auto Body Services is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle, because each of our Auto Body Specialists places emphasis on high quality materials and workmanship. It makes us confident in our repairs and their lasting quality. We guarantee our work against peeling, cracking, hazing, fading, and chalking. Our warranties do not cover damage due to negligence, alteration, accident, abuse, or improper removal or re-installation. Our Lifetime Warranty does not cover liability for loss of time, inconvenience, or loss of use of vehicle or other consequential damages, and only applies to vehicles serviced by our company, currently registered, and normally operated inside the U.S.

Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty.

We believe in getting the color right the first time.

Paint matching begins before the painter starts working on the car in the spray booth. It's important to make sure that the paint that gets applied in the booth to teh car has already been determined to be a good match. We don't risk waiting until the car is in the booth and prepped for painting to find out that hte color didn't match. Proper lighting is essential to the entire painting process. Our paint booths are equipped with bright LED lighting that offers clean, pure, white light that is ideal for viewing and properly matching color and tint.

We offer the best, most uncompromising paint and refinishes for all vehicles, foreign and domestic. We use the highest quality waterborne and solvent-borne paint in the industry.


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