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Whether it's as small as a dent, as simple as a single-panel paint job, or even giant projects like commercial vehicles such as street sweepers and garbage trucks, to classic car restorations; our shops are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and I-CAR Trained Auto Body Specialists eager to give your car a face lift!

If you have been in an accident, don't let your insurance company give you the run around. You have the legal right to choose the shop you take your vehicle to as determined by your Consumer Rights. Always choose a Repair Shop that you know and trust. We've been in collision repair and insurance-direct-repair for over thirty years and we know a thing or two about dealing with the insurance company. We'll deal with them directly, help you arrange a rental vehicle, and get you back on the road quickly.

The Best in Collision Repair

  • I-CAR Trained Auto Body Techs
  • Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee Warranty
  • We only use Genuine Parts/Materials
  • We deal directly with the Insurance Company
  • Towing Assistance and Rentals Available
  • Ask about our new Shuttle Services!
  • Financing options are now available!

Automotive Paint

Minor dents can be repaired easily with Paint-less Dent Repair, available as a same day service. Whether it's matching your existing paint color or outfitting your vehicle with an entirely new custom paint coat, our computerized system will guarantee the best match possible. We stay up to the date on the newest OEM information and Paint Codes provided by manufacturers. Our Auto Body Specialists are some of the most experienced in the industry, paired with our I-CAR Training, our techs can paint any vehicle make and model with precision and impeccable quality. Undercoat materials such as primer, sealer, filler and spray putty fulfill an important function within the paint process. This is why we pay particular attention to the application of these materials during the repair/paint process. We take care and consideration to guarantee an even distribution of primer and sealer, creating a smooth level surface ideal for paint.

Paint Stripping: We strip clear coats, base coats, and primer coats without damaging the body panel beneath. We use a soft, resilient compound with an underlying abrasive agent to heat the metal and leave the panel like new.

Swirl/Scratch Damage: We use a safe chemical compound without harsh abrasives to eliminate holograms and swirling in existing paint. Our Paint correction can polish out more than 90% of surface level swirls and scratches to your existing paint. We use wet sanding to restore the existing paint job. We polish and glaze the coat to a restored finish. We offer a high shine and deep gloss that won't leave compounding marks, ultra fine scratches, and oxidized paint.

Looking for a Candy Red Finish? We'll use a bright red toner to achieve a perfect OEM Candy Red paint job for your vehicle. Guaranteed free of mottling, cloudiness, and complication. Backed by our Lifetime Warranty and Color-Match Guarantee. Looking for a minor Paint Touch-up? We can fix small dings and paint chip damage to your vehicle with our Same Day Service.

Bumper Repair

Stop in today for our Bumper Repair Service, starting at only $250 and guaranteed returned to you in three days or less. Replacement bumpers can range from between $300-$700 on average. Damage to lights, cameras, sensors, and other integral components can affect the pricing of bumper repair, especially in the newest and luxury model vehicles. Depending on the components and extend of damage, repairing a bumper can sometimes run as much as $1,000 in parts alone. Replacing damaged bumpers is the most recommended option by most repair shops but is often times not the most affordable option for you.

Our shop is ideal for bumper repair, with or without insurance coverage, because we can repair the existing damage to the bumper, avoiding the additional cost and time to find a bumper and paint match it to your existing paint job. We're one of the few Auto Body shops around that can still rebuild plastic bumpers, using skills and techniques that the new guys just don't know. A visual inspection with one of our technicians will quickly determine if repairing your bumper is a viable option instead of the more expensive replacement option. With thousands of color chips at our disposal, we have the most accurate color accuracy available in the industry. You can depend on our superior color accuracy to save you money. We promise you'll be pleased with your vehicle's brilliant new finish. We restore the integrity of your bumper at the best price in the industry: starting at only $250. We guarantee Bumper Repair in three days or less, backed by Color-Match Guarantee and limited Lifetime Warranty.

Car Restorations

Let us inspire you to restore your project vehicle, so you can experience what it's like on the road. We have been restoring all types of vehicles including muscle cars, hot rods, classic models, and vintage trucks since 1999. It's not just a job for our skilled craftsmen, it's a hobby that they love. We have access to the hard-to-find parts for your project, complete with high quality paint and modern functionality. We love building classics for sunday drives, road shows, and restoration competitions. Each of our techs takes great pride in producing AACA and Pebble-quality automotive restorations.

There are many steps involved in restoring a vehicle from the ground up. Tear down involves removing the chrome and trim, hood, fenders, trunk and other panel components. Everything is stripped down to the bare metal. We then remove any rust and repair any dents that might already exist. There are then multipe layers of prep and sanding to get the panels exactly right, followed by several layers of primer, and more sanding. Layers of base coat in the desired color are applied, then sanded and buffed. Removed parts undergo this same process, separate of the vehicle body. When these parts are finished and dry, the hood and other components are remounted, and the chrome and trim are reinstalled. While this is the standard process to a restoration, not all projects undergo every single step.

Restorations take time, they aren't a quick process and the best restoration shops tend to be busy. Our customers usually have to wait to make it into our restoration rotation, but agree that it's well worth the wait. We always have vehicles waiting in line to be restored and cars already in one of the stages of restoration, using all of our facilities and resources to do our best work.

Collision Repair Center

We fix all collision related damage after your auto accident, restoring you to pre-loss condition. We can repair any make or model, from minor damage to major collisions that most shops won't repair. Our technicians can fix all mechanical, electrical, suspension, and framework issues; restoring your safety systems. We offer a limited One Year Warranty on all mechanical repairs pertaining directly to the original collision damage, excluding select services such as air conditioning. Paintless Dent Repair now available: restoring simple dents without paint damage quickly and affordably. Certified in Collision Repair for the follow vehicle manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Range Rover.

Auto Customization

When it comes to graphic customizations for your automobile, Clackamas Auto Body does custom graphics, striping, and body kits. Stripes & Decals: We can give you the custom paint design you've been looking for. Same Day Service is available for minor scratch repair on most models; you can purchase small containers of touch-up paint for your vehicle. We can make your vehicle stand apart with the unique decals and/or paint striping you've been waiting for. We offer a One Year Warrany on the application and adhesion of decals and stripes.

Return hazed and pitted headlights for better clarity with our Headlight Restoration Service.

Framework & Structural Welding

If you're in need of a frame alignment, we have the alignment equipment to ensure your vehicle is restored to pre-loss condition, bending the frame back to OEM safety standards. We use professional estimating software to best estimate the cost of metalwork accurately. We repair and repaint any exposed metalwork during the course of service. We are uniquely qualified for Structural Impact Framework Repair on the following: Strut Tower Apron, Cowl Panel Firewall, A-Pillar, C-Pillar, Rear Strut Tower, D-Pillar, C-Pillar, Rear Rail, B-Pillar, Rocker Panel, and Front Rail.

Aluminum Repair: We are a Certified Aluminum Repair Facility. The need throughout the automotive industry has been to make vehicles lighter with carbon fiber and other steels and composite materials. Aluminum in vehicles has made them lighter and stronger to meet government requirements, improved recyclability and lowered risk of corrosion. The continually growing presence of Aluminum within popular models such as the Ford F series trucks has proven the necessity of being a top-notch Aluminum Repair facility. The different series and alloys used in manufacturing aluminum makes it absolutely necessary to be trained in Aluminum Repair and Aluminum Framework. From repairing dents in aluminum panels to welding or straightening an aluminum frame, our facility has the industry-standard technology and newest training. Manufacturers of aluminum vehicles have set guidelines for repairs that include specialized training and a separate repair bay and work area for aluminum repairs. Aluminum vehicles, such as the Ford F-Series trucks, that undergo repairs must be kept separate of vehicles undergoing steel repairs in order to prevent cross contamination of materials.

Interior & Upholstery

Now offering interior repair for cloth, leather, and vinyl fabrics. We do complete interior restorations. We repair seat covers, molded carpet, headliners, convertible tops, lumbar support systems, seat heaters, and dvd headrests. We can replace your truck seats and automotive interior accessories. We install leather interiors and wood interior dashboards.

Our reconditioning specialists can repair and restore leather, vinyl, plastic, cloth and carpets found in most vehicles at a fraction of the cost of replacement. From vinyl door trim panels to leather seats, our technicians can take care of all of your upholstery and repair needs.Now carrying specialized leather cleaner and conditioner.

Rust & Corrosion Removal

In addition to our Automotive Restoration Services, welding, and unique fabrication capabilities, we can remove rust from any metal and panels of your vehicle. We can remove small isolated patches of rust from your auto body safetly without damaging the existing paint job of the overall vehicle. We offer the best spot repair in the industry for steel and aluminum body panels.

Vehicles are susceptible to rust and corrosion in all climates and regions of the United States. The newest makes and models made with carbon fiber and other popular plastic elements aren't immune to corrosion either. Even protected from harsh weather elements, your vehicle could be at risk of rusty car panels developing. You may have heard that de-icer and other chemicals used during snowstorms can cause your vehicle to rust; this isn't a myth. The de-icer placed on roadways contains salt that clings to your vehicle and slowly starts the process of corrosion in your bodywork. You can also leave your vehicle at risk of rusting from scratches and dents in your paint and primer. Avoiding touch-up service creates openings in the paint coats that develops into rust and corrosion over time. It's important to understand that even when we do everything within our power, rust can still develop on our automobiles without our knowledge. For older vehicles and automotive restorations, rust removal is all but unavoidable.

Tire Balance & Alignment

How can you tell if your vehicle has fallen out of alignment? Are you concerned a vehicle you're interested in purchasing may have been in an accident? Have an alignment exam done on your vehicle today! Avoid costly and uneven tire wear with proper Tire Balancing. It's important to be sure that your tires are mounted and balanced correctly to ensure even wear and tear, as well as proper control and maneuverability. We restore wheels damaged by chips and curbs with factory paint touch up. Same Day service available on Wheel Repair.Are you concerned that your Wheel Bearings are corroded or ruined? How do you even know if your Wheel Bearings are bad and need to be replaced? How much will it cost to get Wheel Bearings replaced? We can answer all of your questions and get you back on the road safely.

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